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Hudson-Fulton Celebration: Naval Rendezvous

The Hudson Fulton Celebration of 1909
Source: Official Program: Hudson Fulton Celebration; 1909
Information here is for archival purposes, and is not current



NAVAL RENDEZVOUS. The Hudson-Fulton Celebration will open on Saturday, September 25, 1909, by the formal recognition of the presence of the American and Foreign Naval Vessels and Official Guests. The International Naval Fleet, the vessels of which will have arrived on or prior to the 25th, will be anchored in the Hudson River opposite the City of New York from Forty-second street northward. The Commission has already received advices of the presence of the following vessels:


United States. 16 battleships, 3 armored cruisers, 3 scout cruisers, 12 torpedo boats, 4 submarines, 2 parent ships (Dixie and Castine), 1 tender (Yankton), 2 supply ships (Celtic and Culgoa), 1 repair ship (Panther), 1 torpedo vessel (Montgomery), 1 tug (Potomac), and 7 colliers (Abarenda, Brutus, Hannibal, Lebanon, Leonidas, Marcellus and Sterling). Total, 53; under command of Rear-Admiral Seaton Schroeder, U.S. N. In striking contrast with the powerful warships will be the replica of the Clermont, the steamboat with which Robert Fulton inaugurated steam navigation upon the Hudson River in 1807. This vessel, built by the Hudson-Fulton Celebration Commission, is but 150 feet long and 18 feet wide.

The Netherlands will be represented by Her Majesty’s Ship Utrecht, under command of Capt. G. P. van Hecking Colenbrander, R. N. N., and by the replica of the little ship Half Moon, in which Henry Hudson explored the riser in 1609. The Half Moon will be under command of Lieutenant Commander Lam, R.N.N., impersonating Henry Hudson. This little vessel, of 80 tons burden, measures only 63 feet (Amsterdam measure) on the water line. It will be manned by a crew from H. M.S. Utrecht in costumes of the period which it represents. It is a present from the people of Holland to the Hudson-Fulton Celebration Commission.

Germany will be represented by the turbine cruiser Dresden, the training ships Hertha and Viktoria Luise and the cruiser Bremen.

Great Britain will tend the Inflexible, the Drake, the Argyll and the Duke of Edinburgh, under command of Admiral of the Fleet Sir Edward Seymour, who will fly his flag from the Inflexible.

France will send a squadron of three battleships, under command of Admiral Jules L. M. le Pord.

Italy will be represented by the man-of-war Etruria and the schoolship Etna. The latter will have on board the cadets of the Royal Naval Academy – the future official personnel of the Italian Navy.

Mexico will be represented by the gunboat Bravo, under the command of Capt. Manuel K. Izaguirre.

Cuba will be represented by the revenue cutter Hatuey.

The Argentine Republic will send the warship Presidente Sarmiento.

Guatemala expects to send a coast patrol boat.