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The Magic Of The Hudson

Information here is for archival purposes, and is not current

300 miles north of New York City, up in the Adirondack Mountains, a tiny stream trickles southward through fragrant spruce and pine trees. This is the beginning of the Hudson River. Gathering force and volume on its downward course, it emerges at Albany as a well defined river and continues south into New York Bay.

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Along the banks, nature lavishly shows itself in stupendous rocky cliffs, picturesque waterfalls and towering mountains, while man’s achievements dot the shores in far flung bridges, historic mansions, palatial castles and huge industrial works of many kinds.

As long as people are people, a boat ride on the legendary Hudson River will have die same magical appeal. It has cast its spell over many generations of Americans. Every year it calls to thousands of young and old who dance, dine and play on the broad and leisurely decks of their favorite Hudson River Day Line Steamer-the Robert Fulton, the Alexander Hamilton or the Peter Stuyvesant.

A trip on the Day Line is a favorite American institution. Its thrills are known to all. It is a unique entertainment experience, bound up with amiable traditions and sentiments of good fellowship. It is the only way to become acquainted with America’s most beautiful river.

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Whether for commerce, or for history, or for folklore, or for just good looks, the Hudson is pretty hard to beat. Taken altogether, the combination is unsurpassable. It is the Hudson which has made New York City what it is—the greatest seaport in the world.

The heroism of George Washington, the treachery of Benedict Arnold, the antics of Washington Irving’s immortal Rip Van Winkle and Ichabod Crane, the busy whirr of business, of Fulton-Vanderbilt steamboat wars and the color and tradition of the 129-year old Hudson River Day Line—these and many other dramas have been played against the Hudson’s handsome and picturesque background.

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