The Fleischmann Company

The Fleischmann Company

Source: Gems of the Hudson: Peekskill and Vicinity
Compiled by G. M. Vescelius, Peekskill NY (Book, Date Unknown- circa 1914)

Information here is for archival purposes, and is not current.
Charles Fleischmann, the founder of The Fleischmann Co., made and sold the first pound of compressed yeast used by the American baker. That was in 1868—nearly half a century ago.
From that humble beginning The Fleischmann Co. has grown. Today there are ten Fleischmann factories in operation in different parts of the country and they produce over one hundred million pounds of yeast a year.
The largest Fleischmann plant is situated at Charles Point, Peekskill-on-the-Hudson, N. Y. —a beautiful, ideal and advantageous location. This factory with immense buildings, grain elevators, railroad, wharves, and offices, covers one hundred acres of ground. There are 1,500,000 square feet under roof covering 125 buildings, including a grain elevator with a capacity of 250,000 bushels of grain. It requires 5,000 bushels of grain, corn, rye and barley, to supply the material for each day’s output. There are over two miles of railroad connecting with the various structures and providing the very best railroad facilities for all points. East, West, North and South. The monthly consumption of water amounts to more than 3,000,000 cubic feet or about 22,500,000 gallons. It requires 5,000 tons of coal each month to keep the fires going.
In addition to its wonderful manufacturing facilities, The Fleischmann Co. has one of the finest distributing organizations in the country. This consists of 950 agencies through which personal delivery service is rendered to bakers and grocers in practically every city, town and hamlet.
The Fleischmann Co. is a vital factor in our national life since it is Fleischmann’s Yeast that raises the nation’s bread.

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  1. Nick Kaufmann

    I’m looking for data on two employees during the period 1900-1905. Doing Geneological Search

    Nicholas Kaufman(n)
    Carl (Karl) Hartman(n)

    Whatever you have to verify employment would be helpful; copies of applications, etc.


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