Verplanck’s Point

Verplanck’s Point

Source: Gems of the Hudson: Peekskill and Vicinity
Compiled by G. M. Vescelius, Peekskill NY (Book, Date Unknown- circa 1914)


Courtesy of The Highland Democrat

Two miles below the village of Peekskill and connected with by trolley and good roads is Verplanck. The City of Verplanck it was once intended to be, but fate ruled otherwise and so it remains (until it shall be united to Peekskill) a convenient suburb with advantages that are just beginning to be appreciated. About three quarters of a century ago John Henry bought the tract and had it laid out in squares for a residential city, recognizing many features that well fitted it for that purpose. But the locality was better fitted for a more practical use and the many changes through which it has passed leave it still ready for what it should become, one of the greatest manufacturing districts of the country. At Verplanck is a natural inland harbor where the erection of docks would make possible the landing of any vessel that could come up the Hudson. It has frequently been suggested for a government shipyard but its value would be far greater for commerce. With the Hudson River Railroad just behind it and unlimited depth of water in front, it offers unrivaled attractions for manufacturers in search of a location.
Verplanck played a great part in the early history of our country. Here Henry Hudson anchored the Half Moon for awhile in October, 1609, and while there his sailors had their first encounter with the Indians. Here was the well-known King’s Ferry to Rockland and from the Point two Continentals firing on a rowboat coming in from the Vulture drove it back and so did their part in preventing the escape of Andre.
With river front, railroad, trolley, school and churches, Verplanck awaits the revival which must come when its natural advantages are recognized and put to use.

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